Amato Pharmaceutical Products, Ltd. thinks first and foremost of the life and health of patients, and along with its products, delivers appropriate information on medical conditions and pharmaceuticals. By conducting advanced research and developing the design and manufacturing of its products, Amato creates new value for patients and for those desiring good health, while also offering them “Peace of Mind, and Sense of Excitement.”

Amato is close to marking the 100th anniversary of its founding, when it was formed to carry on traditional drug seller business of its predecessor company, which originally began its activities about 200 years ago. In the early days, Amato’s predecessor responded to the needs of pilgrims coming to worship in shrines. As a pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise, Amato has answered the need of patients for relief from pain, suffering, and anxiety. These many years of service to patients have enabled Amato to develop medicines with its customers and patients in mind.

In 1813, our predecessor opened a traditional drug seller shop located in front of a shrine in the northern part of Kyoto, Japan, calling it “Amazuya” from his name “Amazuya Tosuke”. This drugstore formulated traditional medicines and provided information on treatment and preventive methods to pilgrims coming to the shrine to pray for the safety of their homes and cures for diseases. See Side Story 1

Subsequently, Amazuya Tosuke VIII, Kinzo Ohtsuki, created pharmaceuticals for the treatment of hemorrhoids for use in Kyoto University Hospital. The efficacy of their preparations was highly acclaimed, and they were further developed as medicinal treatments. In 1921, the Amato Pharmaceutical Research Institute was founded, and at the same time BORRAGINOL® was created as a treatment for hemorrhoids. See Side Story 2

Since its development, BORRAGINOL® has undergone improvement with the aim of creating more effective and safer medication. Moreover, to better respond to patient needs, Amato has perfected the design of BORRAGINOL®, including improvements in labeling and shape, as well as making it easier to carry for patients.See Side Story 3

In recent times as well, Amato has taken initiatives to respond promptly to changes in standards and good manufacturing practices (GMP) related to the safety and quality of pharmaceuticals and was the first to introduce a fully automated production line for the forming and packaging of suppositories.

Amato has also continued to respond to GxP, including good quality practices (GQP) and good clinical practices (GCP). Also in its Sanda Plant, Amato has led the way in adopting processes that respond fully to PIC/S, automated production lines designed for long operating periods, and other innovations.

In 2016, Amato opened a retail shop in Silicon Valley in the United States to develop new ideas, suitable for next-generation products. In 2018, Amato established an ASEAN center in Vietnam to research health and hygiene maintenance systems in Southeast Asia.

The initiatives Amato will take in its next 100 years will be an extension of what we have found and what we have believed over the 200 years since Amato’s establishment. Amato will continue to think first and foremost of the life and health of patients and will work to create new value for those desiring to have good health in life.

Peace of Mind, and Sense of Excitement

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