Since its founding 200 years ago as a traditional drug seller and after the establishment of Amato Pharmaceutical Products along with the formulation of BORRAGINOL® about 100 years ago, Amato has thought about the life and health of patients first and foremost and has been concerned with both product quality and the information quality.

Why has Amato handled not only “products” but also “information” together in its activities?

This is because, at the time BORRAGINOL® was developed 100 years ago, hemorrhoids were still not generally known to be a disease. Therefore, it was necessary to provide information on medicine and pharmaceuticals, including knowledge about hemorrhoids, public sanitation, methods of usage, and other related topics together with the products. Because of these circumstances, Amato’s understanding was that the marketing of pharmaceuticals requires both the pharmaceuticals as products and related information.

Why has Amato continued to use “BORRAGINOL® for hemorrhoids” in its sales publicity?

Sales publicity is not limited to the use of advertising, because disseminating information about pharmaceuticals is a media of its own. Therefore, Amato has consistently sought to communicate the messages that hemorrhoids is a disease and that there are specialized medicines for treating this condition. Moreover, BORRAGINOL® is just such a treatment.

Why does Amato make use of Medical Representatives (MRs) for information dissemination?

This is because BORRAGINOL® was developed originally at a university hospital as an ethical drug for medical use. Subsequently, the systems for proprietary pharmaceutical products and over-the-counter medicines were separated. At present, Amato markets BORRAZA® G suppositories, BORRAZA® G ointment, and HEMOCURON® as proprietary prescription drugs. MRs are effective in transmitting information on the safety and effectiveness of these products to medical professionals in medical institutions and providing feedback information.

Why does Amato emphasize distribution and logistics?

Amato believes that using the right methods of distribution is one aspect of product quality. Amato’s collaboration with Takeda’s licensed dealers, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and Alinamin Pharmaceutical Company Limited, enables the attainment of a high level of quality in distribution through wholesalers, including quality in logistics, physical product flow, and information dissemination. As a result, Amato’s quality of distribution has been highly appraised.