Taking real action
as a corporate citizen
helping to promote
a sustainable society.

Our sustainability policy

At Amato Pharmaceutical Products,
our social engagement is based on reliably
fulfilling our duties as a pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales business.
We strive to be a trusted corporate citizen
as we do our part to make society sustainable.

  • For people's life and health
    Providing high-quality products

    To ensure product safety and efficacy, we have a stringent quality control system in place.
    This allows thorough quality control in our manufacturing processes and quality inspections.

  • For a sustainable Earth

    Reducing CO2 emissions

    At our Fukuchiyama plant, 20% of the electricity we use comes from renewable energy sources.
    This contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 78 metric tons a year.
    We also make use of a renewable electricity plan from Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
    that allows us to use CO2-free electricity derived from renewable energy sources, this contributes to a reduction in CO2.

  • For employees' wellbeing
    A healthy work-life balance

    We place great importance on work-life balance.
    To this end, we’ve created an environment where each employee can work flexibly and in a variety of ways.