Offering Peace of Mind, and Sense of Excitement To help create a world where everyone can lead healthy lives, Amato is continuing to tackle the challenges and create pharmaceuticals for the treatment of hemorrhoids.


Amato Pharmaceutical Products, Ltd. thinks first and foremost of the life and health of patients, and along with its products, delivers appropriate information on medical conditions and pharmaceuticals. By conducting advanced research and developing the design and manufacturing of its products, Amato creates new value for patients and for those desiring good health, while also offering them “Peace of Mind, and Sense of Excitement.”

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We believe BORRAGINOL® represents as the symbol of Amato’s “founding spirit” and it will soon mark the 100th anniversary of its creation. Amato’s founding spirit is “placing life and health of patients first and foremost,” and “putting both ‘product quality’ and ‘information quality’ into practice”. Amato’s mission is to give people who are suffering from pain and discomfort “Peace of Mind, and Sense of Excitement.”


Amato’s History is the History of
Hemorrhoid Medicines

Since its founding 200 years ago as a traditional drug seller, and after the establishment of Amato Pharmaceutical Products along with the formulation of BORRAGINOL® about 100 years ago, Amato has thought about the life and health of patients first and foremost and has been concerned with both product quality and the information quality.

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