corporate philosophy

Mission Statement

“Peace of Mind, and Sense of Excitement.”
By appreciating our lives and communities, Amato provides the support and solutions for people’s health and longevity.


Amato is the leading company creating new values, and helping people enjoy life to the fullest.
In order to support people and maintain their life and vitality, Amato seeks to create new values propelled by its passion and advanced technology that they have developed over the years.


Demonstrate creativity to develop new values
Work toward high goals with passion
Show sensitivity in regards to the needs of patients and communities
Recognize the needs of patients by listening to each and every one of their voices
Demonstrate discipline by respecting rules and regulations of society and communities

Why does Amato seek to offer “Peace of Mind, and Sense of Excitement”?

Because what Amato aims to provide for people who are suffering from pain is the comfort and the joy of hope. In order to do so, Amato provides products that are easy to use and effective pharmaceuticals.

Why does Amato give “thanks in our hearts for life and society”?

By showing appreciation for “the preciousness of our lives and the lives of others” and for a “sustainable society,” we believe we are bestowing additional opportunities and missions on ourselves.

Why does Amato seek to lead the way in “creating new value”?

Companies must constantly search for ways to support healthy lives. However, without the right mind-set and determination of being a leader, creating new value is difficult. Amato will continue to challenge itself for being in the frontiers of “creating new value.”

Why are passion and technology the accumulated drivers for Amato?

Since the founding of the Company, Amato has encountered difficult problems, such as creating new pharmaceuticals for a disease that had no cures, or introducing new pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment for the first time in the world. What made Amato go, and the driving force for Amato was the passion and engineering capabilities that Amato gained from its experiences.

Corporate Symbol

Amato’s corporate symbol was designed by combining a stylized rendering of the Japanese character for “ten” (heaven), which is also the first character in the name “Amato,” within a six-sided benzene ring, which is an often used chemical structural pattern.