overseas business

Since its founding 200 years ago as a traditional drug seller and after the establishment of Amato Pharmaceutical Products along with the formulation of BORRAGINOL® about 100 years ago, Amato has thought about the life and health of patients first and foremost and has been concerned with both product quality and the information quality.

Why has Amato begun its business activities outside of Japan?

As was the case with Japan 100 years ago, there are still many countries where there is no awareness of hemorrhoids and where there are no specialized treatments available. Amato believes that, rather than entering countries where the markets are large and medicines for hemorrhoids are in wide use, entering countries with small markets and the people of those countries are still not aware of hemorrhoids has more potential. The reason for Amato’s desire to enter these markets is that, from its experience in Japan, many patients thought to themselves, “I am suffering from the pain of hemorrhoids, but I did not know it was a treatable disease,” and this presented Amato with business opportunities.