Since its founding 200 years ago as a traditional drug seller and after the establishment of Amato Pharmaceutical Products along with the formulation of BORRAGINOL® about 100 years ago, Amato has thought about the life and health of patients first and foremost and has been concerned with both product quality and the information quality.

Why does Amato explain its social contribution activities in its corporate activities?

As a pharmaceutical company, Amato has a responsibility to be sure it practices its main business properly and believes that this is its most basic social contribution activity. In addition to this, as a corporate citizen, Amato desires to pursue reliable activities aimed at helping to create a sustainable society.

Why does Amato give contributions to the Japanese Red Cross?

This is because the Japanese Red Cross is known to be engaged in activities that help to create a sustainable society through a broad range of activities that maintain life and health. In recent years, through the local government of the community, Amato has contributed to the Japanese Red Cross with a portion of its profit and donations from its employees.